Technology is advancing in such a manner that whenever a new product is launched, it makes the old one obsolete.

That’s why we’re about to discuss the global pole saws revenue which is apparently a bit new for some people. Today you are going to read you complete The Global Pole Saw Market To Reach Revenue 2020. Before jumping the gun here, let’s talk a bit more about what pole saws really are. In this way, you’ll understand if you need to read this article or not.

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The Global Pole Saw Market

What’s a Pole Saw?

For cutting trees, people used to use analog saws that had handles on both sides and you need to have two people to cut a tree.

Then, a little further to the future, comes motorized fuel-powered chainsaw. Chain-saws are still one of the most prominently used saws because this invention is one of the finest ones in the sector of cutting trees.

Now the inventors thought, we have inventions that can cut down trees but we don’t have anything specifically for tree branches. Sometimes we just need to cut down the branches.

People used to climb up the tree with small analog saws and cut down the branches. It took a lot of time and it was pretty dangerous. So, it was high time to introduce something that would revolutionize the wood industry.


The name pole saw seems a bit easy to understand right? You will add a saw at the end of the pole. Thus, a pole saw.

But it wasn’t that easy. You see, a pole has to be light and thin to carry but light and thin poles used to bend. So, it wasn’t that easy.

But the solution was to make a pole with lightweight metal but firm so that it won’t bend. And adding the saw.

If the pole saw had been analog, people won’t be able to cut down the branches because it’s really hard to have a grip with long things.

That’s why battery and electric powered pole saws appeared. All you have to do is hold the pole saw up to the branch and turn it on. You just have to hold it firmly in the perfect place.

What’s A Pole Saw Used For?

We know what chain saw can help us with. We even know what we can do with an analog saw. But there are some other types of saws that we don’t know about. One of a pole saw.

A chain saw and an analog saw. It can help you to cut down trees. But what if you don’t want to cut the whole tree down. Rather you’d like to cut a few branches to make it look better.

In comes pole saw.

Pole saw is used for trimming big trees. You can clear out the reachable and unreachable branches that might hinder your tree’s looks. Or you might need a few branches yourself.

This is what chainsaw is being used for.

The Economic Perspective Of The Global Pole Saw Market To Reach Revenue

Now, everything has two ways of economic view. It depends on what you’re planning to do with the product. Anyhow, from an economic perspective, I would like to describe both ways.

Firstly, you can look at a product from a user’s end. Everything we use, we have paid a price for. This does not apply to shoplifters.

Anyway, if you’re a user, you should understand the perspective of how much the price of a product is, or is it worth buying with the price tag. In this way, you get to judge before buying a pole saw yourself.

On the other hand, you might want to look from the seller’s angle. If you’re willing to sell pole saws in your market, it’s very important to know if you can make any revenue out of it or not. Also, it’s important to know how the market is doing.

You have to know about your competitors who are selling a similar product as you’re planning to. In this way, you’ll be able to judge if you’re ready to sell the product or not. This would save you time and money.


For instance, if you buy a huge number of snow shovels in a monsoon weather country, you’ll end up having them stored for yourself rather than selling any. Why? Because the market does not need it.

In the same way, you have to learn how the market is doing before buying anything to make a profit out of it.

In times before the internet, people used to make losses. Vendors used to hear that this product is doing good, that is not. They’d important the said product but couldn’t sell any.

So, you should be able to make yourself aware enough to make the best use of the internet before jumping the gun.

Which Brands Are Doing Best In The Pole Saw Business?

If you start investigating, you will find at least a hundred companies that manufacture pole saw worldwide. But not all of them are doing good.


It’s not because they aren’t producing the best quality pole saws. Apparently, from recent research, it was found that most of the pole saw manufacturers are producing exactly the same product, with a few changes here and there which are inconvenient and selling them.

The difference is about how they are introducing their products in the market. Most of the companies didn’t even think of studying the market before launching their products. This, most of them are not doing too well. But the following brands are among the best ones you can buy today.

  • Husqvarna
  • Earth wise
  • WORX
  • Remington &
  • Silky Saws

These companies are currently the best in pole saw business. They are selling the highest amount of pole saws every year in the market worldwide.

So if you’re planning to buy a pole saw for usage, you can buy from these companies. But where would you use the pole saw? At your backyard or for other people’s backyards?

Customer, Based On Usage

You can buy a pole saw or it’s better to say people buy a pole saw for two specific reasons.

  • Home use
  • Professional use

Now those who use pole saws at home, are really not the real client base that made the market a multimillion-dollar one. Yes, the pole saw market is a multimillion-dollar market.

Professional users, who make a living out of trimming other people’s trees, are the main buyers of pole saws. People who have a pole saw, use theirs once every year or two years.

But professional pole saw users use theirs every now and then.

So, it’s seen that most of the pole saw professionals buy one each year, making this business a very profitable one for the said companies.

Application-Based Users

There are two types of pole saws that you can buy in the market.

  • Wired
  • Wireless

The aired ones are preferred by professionals as they provide more durability and workability than the wireless ones.

Professionals sometimes have to spend hours over one tree each, trimming several in one day. So, wireless is not an option for professionals.

Wireless pole saw users are actually non-professionals who use their pole saw once every year.

So, you can guess that the main revenue of the pole saw industry comes from the wired pole saws.

But most of the companies are opting out for wireless ones.

That’s because they want non-professionals to buy more of their products. These types of characteristics actually attract people who aren’t using their pole saw every day.

Now let’s look at the numbers of how the pole saw market is actually doing globally.

Pole Saw Market Dynamics

Pole saws are getting better by the minute. Every now and then, pole saw vendors are introducing new models of pole saws that have better specifications than the previous one.

The added extra features make the pole saw market ever-changing.

The most dynamic features are weight, strength, user-friendly design, power-to-weight ratio, etc. These are the specs that vendors play with to come up with new designs and compete with each other in the market.

The more variations a company can provide, the more sales it can expect from the market. That’s the marketing dynamics of the pole saw.

Global Pole Saws Revenue

The current global pole saws revenue in the year 2018-19 is almost $500 million. It took decades to build such a market out of one single commodity.

But the current growth rate shows us that within the next 5 years, the pole saw revenue would reach $700 million.

That’s almost 36% of growth within a very short time. This proves that the pole saw market is very much promising.

This increase in the market shows that the pole saw is an emerging business product that is sure to make some drastic changes among businesses that manufacture and procreate such products.

But to be honest, these revenues are largely confined within the above-mentioned companies.

But still, if a company can come up with something new or some promising development in the existing feature, they are sure to gain benefits in no time.

What Are The Key Factors?

After decades, this market has received a boost. There are some specific reasons why this boost happened. Let’s discuss them

Firstly, the demand for gardening products is increasing among home users. Professionals buy the product as per usual demand. But people nowadays are getting more independent and very insecure about doing household work themselves.

That’s why people are buying the home-based versions of most of the professional tools.

Secondly, the pole saw the market is going under a technological advance. As the tool is new in accordance with other products, it is seeing a new technological upgrade every now and then. That’s why people are constantly upgrading to better products.

And finally, due to global warming and environmental pollution awareness, eco-friendly products are kicking in and people are buying them as we speak.

These are the key factors that are playing a role in the increasing revenue of the pole saw market.

Now you know how the market is doing. It’s doing great. But you should also know where that market is.

The Global Pole Saw Market To Reach Revenue: Geography

As we all know, any new and upgraded technology comes first from China and then others try to reform it. Just like that, China is one of the biggest contributors in the pole saw industries. But despite the production of the product is dedicatedly happening in Asia (China, Japan, India, etc.), the main consumers of the product are actually in the northern part of the world.

The technological advance and upgrade of the pole saw have led North America to be the biggest consumer market for a pole saw. Not only professionals but also homeowners who have a backyard and a tree at their house are actually investing their money on the new pole saws.

The idea

to keep your house looking better every day has led them to adapt to the ever-changing industry of pole saws. The second biggest market is in Europe. The European market is actually led by the UK, Nordic, Germany, and France.

Though they don’t have the demand as the Northside of the world, it’s expected that the upcoming years will turn Europe to the biggest market pushing $200 million business into proper action.

The manufacturing fight just like any other technological product is happening between China and Japan. China is using its cheap technology against Japan’s over the top quality products. Thus letting people buy at a cheap rate is making China more profitable in this business.

Final Words The Global Pole Saw Market To Reach Revenue

As this discussion went on, we discussed what a pole saw is and what it’s used for. But the main point was to display an idea about the global pole saws revenue.

The main idea was to discuss how a person would do if they intend to expand or start a business related to pole saw or how good the market is doing from the consumers’ perspective.

According to the recent data and upcoming predictions, it is visible that in just 5 years the market of pole saw will see a new future.